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Document Design

We create business documents
from your data files

Xpedient will design your invoices, statements, late notices or any business document from scratch. Alternatively, you can provide fully-formatted PDF files.  Either way, we enhance your image using consistent graphics, dynamic content or any data from your files to display the information to your customer in a clean, concise, and readable form.


  • Enhance your relationship with your customers

  • Clean up and fully utilize your current communications

  • Call your customers by name with personalized documents and letters

  • Add or remove content as you want, based on data in each document

  • Add logos on demand for different divisions or products

  • Create usage graphs and charts unique for each customer bill

We work with old host systems up to the latest ERPs

Thanks to the open architecture of our processing software, we will work with pretty much any system you have in place so you can regain the control over your IT systems. You get to optimize the production, the distribution, and the archival of transactional documents with automated workflows- without any investment or management involved.


Supported systems

ERPs: SAP, IFS, Dynamics, JD Edwards, etc. Databases: CRM, Oracle, Access, SQL, etc. EDM: Sharepoint, Laserfiche, DocumentMall, etc. OS: AS/400, Unix, Windows, Linux


We read the outputs you already have

Xpedient doesn’t actually connect to your system. Instead, we wait until your system produces an output, and then we read and process it to extract raw data. That way, data from any source can be merged and filtered, and Intelligent Mail Barcodes can be added to existing documents, to create ready-to-mail and ready-to-archive documents.


No change to your infrastructure

Improve your business processes with no change to the system in place. We extract the required information from data, such as print streams, databases, XML or other formats and easily map it onto a template document.


Flexible report and document creation

We can capture files sent from standard Windows applications such as Microsoft Dynamics or Crystal Report, convert their contents to plain text and use the resulting data to create business reports that meet the needs of your organization and automate their distribution to the appropriate channels.

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