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Address Cleansing

We get your mail to the recipient more reliably

What good is a perfectly printed bill if it never makes it to the recipient?  When Xpedient mails your documents, we do everything possible to ensure that your mail is delivered as fast as possible to the correct mailing address. And, if a document has a mailing address that is undeliverable, we can suppress the mail piece before it is even printed saving you the wasted processing cost and postage. No need to mail it out only to get it right back!


For every piece of mail, the mailing address is:

  1. Validated and Cleansed

  2. Checked against the National Change-of-Address Database and updated if necessary

  3. Intelligent Mail Barcodes are added for faster movement through the mail stream

Address Validation

Using USPS® CASS Certified™ software to verify the mailing address is your first defense against return mail. Use of complete and correct addresses results in substantial postage discounts while eliminating return mail. Address verification software and delivery point confirmation assure postal delivery and qualifies for the fastest and most economical mailing service,


USPS Automated-Mail

Xpedient uses CASS Certified™ software for address validation that includes eLOT®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ address enhancement options at no extra charge to our customers.

eLOT: The eLOT product provides mailers the ability to sort mailings in approximate delivery sequence order.


LACSLink: The LACSLink process converts rural and irrational addresses to locatable city-style addresses for emergency services. LACSLink also converts renamed and renumbered addresses.


SuiteLink: The SuiteLink process enhances business addresses adding unit designators and numbers to business addresses matched to high-rise default records as a result of CASS processing.


DPV® confirmation: Determines if the CASS processed address is identified as a Postal Service™ delivery point and detects vacancies and other addressing issues that may hinder delivery.


Data Files & Reports

As part of our service, we will return data files and reports to you showing which addresses are undeliverable and which addresses were standardized. Depending on the need, you can build a system to automatically update your mailing addresses or simply have your CSRs handle it manually. 

NCOALink® service

The National Change of Address (NCOALink®) database, is a data file containing over 160 million change-of-address records that have been submitted to the USPS® via a change-of-address form (COA®) for processing in the last 48 months.

With NCOA® processing from Xpedient Mail each name and address is matched against the NCOALink® database. This database contains change-of-address data gathered from the USPS® on individuals, families, and businesses that are moving. If a match is made against the NCOALink® file, we will update the information with the current address so the address printed on your mail piece is the correct forwarding address.

NCOA® processing:

  • Leverages the last 18 months of change-of-address records

  • Meets move update requirements to qualify for Standard and First-Class Mail® discounts

  • Increases the number of deliverable mailing addresses in your file

  • The results from mail tests show that mail deliverability increases by 400% when using the NCOALink® processing compared to address cleaning alone.

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