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Frequently Asked Questions

My rural water company has a tight budget. How expensive is your service?

In most scenarios our service costs LESS than your cost to print and mail your bills in-house. We receive extremely low postage rates from the post office and we use printing equipment that is more cost effective

Do you mail postcard bills or paper bills in envelopes?


Our customers are used to the look of the current bills that we mail. What do your bills look like?

Our bills are printed to appear exactly like your current bills. Also, if you would like to add a message or change something on your existing layout, we can handle that for you.

How do we send you our bills to print?

It is a simple process. Using your existing billing and accounting software, you simply change your printer to “Microsoft PDF”. When you press the print button, your computer will then create a PDF file of your bills rather than printing them on your printer. You then upload that PDF file to us.


Do you provide support if we need help?

Yes, we can help you over the phone, but we can also do a screen share if required.  After the first billing run, you will probably not need any help but we are always available for assistance.


Can you send bills via email?

Yes. We have systems in place to send high volumes of emails. You simply login to your secure portal and add the list of account numbers. You can update this list at any time. When you upload your bills, our system will automatically route your bills by email or print and mail based on your selections. The emails that are sent to your customers are customized with your information. 

Our water system only has 250 customers. Are we too small for your service?

No! Our service is cost effective for any size water system.

Can you handle water systems with more than 10,000 customers?

Yes! We have customers that mail as many as 80,000 bills per month.


Is there a setup cost?

Typically, No. We setup our system to print your custom bill layout at no cost.However, if you have extensive design requirements or something special, we can provide a price quote for you. 

How long does it take to setup your service?

Normally it takes 2-5 working days.


How long has your company been in business?

Our family company was formed in the late 70’s and incorporated in 1982. We were originally a distributor of business forms, then morphed into commercial printing. Twenty years ago we jumped in to mailing services and that has been our focus ever since.

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