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We send your bills via email to your customers

What exactly is eBilling?  Glad you asked! Actually, eBilling is a term that is thrown around loosely and can take on different meanings depending on who you ask. For us, eBilling is the process of delivering bills to your customers via email. 

There are two ways to send eBills:

  1. An email is sent to your customer with a PDF copy of the bill attached to the email. This method is typically utilized in situations where your customers want to receive their bill by email without having to login to a website to view it. 

  2. An email is sent to your customer directing them to login and view the bill on your Online Bill Pay website. This method is utilized when you do not want to email the actual bill or your customers want to login and pay their bills online

Managing Customer Preferences for eBills or Paper Bills


We offer two easy solutions:


1. If your system can generate eBills separately from Printed bills, or if your eBills have any type of code or indicator, then we can setup our system to automatically route bills by email or print. You will simply upload your bills to us for processing and let us handle it for you. 

2. If your system is cumbersome or you just want an easy solution, you can manage preferences for your customers on our portal. You simply login and add the customer's account number and email address to our system. Next time your upload your bills, our system will automatically email the bills for accounts that you have setup. All other bills are printed as normal.

Sending bulk emails is difficult

Sending a few bills by email usually works fine. But if you need to send hundreds or thousands, you will start to have issues. 

At Xpedient, we send millions of emails for our customers and we offer custom pricing based on whatever email send volume your business needs. Whether you’re sending 100 emails a month or millions, we can help you optimize your email delivery rates and scale your email program. 


We try hard to get your eBills to your customers (without going to their spam folder!)


Emails are sent from a dedicated IP Address

Some service providers use a shared IP address. Sharing an IP address can actually hurt your reputation if another sender using the
IP isn’t sending responsibly. We own and control our own IP addresses in order to protect your reputation as you scale.

We authenticate your emails

In the past, implementing SPF and DKIM was all it took to get emails delivered to the major inbox providers. Now, you’ll also want to implement DMARC, which allows you to specify how an ISP should handle emails that weren’t authenticated using SPF or DKIM. In some cases, simply publishing a DMARC record can result in a positive reputation bump.


We regularly check our reputation and blacklist status

We keep tabs on our sender reputation and our presence on deny-lists as either could be preventing your emails from landing in recipient’s inboxes. 

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