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Twenty Reasons to Outsource your Bill Printing and Mailing

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

1. Your billing distribution is separate from your accounting software

By utilizing our services, you are not locked to your accounting software. We are independent. This allows you to change your accounting software at any time without worrying about affecting your customers and their ability to view and pay bills online or receive their bills in the mail.

2. We store copies of your bills and your authorized employees can view them at any time.

This eliminates having to go through multiple people to solve a problem or check a document. When you have a customer on the phone, you see exactly what they see.

3. You receive maximum postage discounts

Our systems and services meet all of the requirements required by the USPS to receive the maximum postage discounts.

4. Send multiple mail pieces to a single home in the same envelope in order to lower your overall postage rate.

Upon your request, we will program our system to group multiple bills going to the exact same address into the same envelope. Save 100% of the postage each time this happens!

5. Get bills to the post office faster

Our standard turn around is one business day.

6. Your bills move fast through the postal network

We add the proper intelligent mail postal barcodes to each mail piece that helps the mail move speedily through the postal system .

7. Find out when your customers move and have changed their mailing address

Every time a piece of mail is processed by our service, we check the mailing address against the USPS National Change of Address system. If the recipient has moved, we automatically change the address to their forwarding address and let you know so that you can update your system.

8. Reduce your return mail and spoiled postage costs

We can suppress any mail piece that does not have a valid address. This keeps you from spending money on sending a mail piece that would simply be returned.

9. We work hard to be sure that the correct bills go to the intended customer.

Our inserting equipment utilizes barcodes that are printed on each sheet of paper. This ensures that the correct page is inside the correct envelope and gets sent to the intended customer.

10. Save money on the costs of printers and toner.

By using our machines, you won’t have to worry about the expensive costs of toner and printer maintenance.

11. No more depending on internal employees to get the invoices in the mail.

Sometimes things happen and an employee cannot be at work.

12. You don’t have to waste time stuffing envelopes.

Your employee's time is valuable. Don’t waste it stuffing paper into envelopes when we could do that for you.

13. Save money on the costs of envelopes and paper.

The cost of envelopes can add up quickly. When you utilize our service, you benefit from the economies of scale since we order millions of envelopes per year.

14. Save time and money by avoiding the post office.

By outsourcing mailing to us, you save both time and money foregoing trips to the post office.

15. Free up old storage space used to store billing supplies.

Use the space for something better.

16. Receive the highest quality of printing with our services.

Impress your customers with crisp and clear bills.

17. Our simple system makes the setup easy.

Provide us with your bills and documents in PDF format and we will take it from there. (If you can’t create PDF’s call us. We can show you how.)

18. Our services are built for your convenience.

After uploading your bills to our system they are automatically routed based on your customers preference. You don’t have to do anything else. Some bills will be sent by email and other by mail.

19. Setting up with us is fast.

There is no need for extended implementation times since our service has a quick setup.

20. We already own all the equipment necessary.

Don’t worry about the cost of maintaining and operating machinery to print and stuff bills when we can handle all of that for you (and at a lower price.)

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