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Reduce Billing Costs

Achieve Maximum Postage Discounts

By adhering to the strict requirements of the USPS, our print and mail service earns lower postage rates than most organizations have the resources to achieve. In many situations, our cost for postage, printing, mailing and supplies is lower than your cost of doing it in house. 

Reduce Postage by Householding Bills

By mailing multiple documents to the same household in a single envelope you will reduce the postage that you spend. 

Reduce Wasted Postage Mailing to Invalid Addresses

We can suppress any mail piece that does not have a valid address. Why mail it if it is just going to get returned?

Eliminate Laser Printer Costs

No more toner, drum and maintenance costs. Have you bought toner lately?  If so, you know how expensive it is. 

Eliminate Mailing Equipment Costs

Stop paying monthly fees for a postage meter. Don't even think about purchasing and maintaining an inserter or any other type of mail processing equipment. Service calls can cost $250 per hour. Parts break and then you are down for a day. 

Eliminate Paper and Envelope Costs

The total cost to purchase paper, envelopes and other supplies is growing every year. Shipping costs alone can eat your lunch. Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you went to the storeroom and there are no envelopes to be found? We purchase truckloads of materials. When you partner with us, you take advantage of economies of scale. 

Reduce Employee Cost

Time = Money. Utilize your employees to handle your core competency and provide better service to your customers. 

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