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You get much more than print and mail services

Document Design Services

Are your bills hard to read? We can help!

Full Service Printing and Mail Production

Mail volumes are decreasing. Some of your customers may want to receive their bills electronically. Rather than investing in printing and mailing equipment, you can have full access to a state-of-the art mail production facility. 

eBilling Services

Most companies do not have a comprehensive and reliable way to manage their customer's preferences. Some customers want their bills sent by email and other ones rely on printed bills. We have an easy solution.

You Won't be Locked into Your Accounting Software

By utilizing our services, you are not locked to your accounting software. We are independent. You can change your accounting software at any time without worrying about affecting your customers and their ability to receive their bills. 

We’re Easy to Do Business With

We make the setup process easy. No need to involve programmers or waste time with extended implementation.

When Customers Call, You Can View an Exact Copy of the Bill They Received

All of your documents are 100% accessible at any time by your authorized employees by utilizing our Xpedient Portal.  That's right!  Not only do we mail your bills, but we can store them for you too. 

CASS Address Validation

All of the mailing addresses on your bills are validated and cleansed with CASS certified mailing software.

NCOA Address Processing

We check the mailing address on each bill against the USPS National Change of Address system. If the recipient has moved, we automatically change the address to their forwarding address and let you know so you can update your system.


We can automatically group bills going to the same address into the same envelope. 

Bills Get to Customers Faster

Intelligent Mail postal barcodes are added to your bills. This helps the postal service sort and transport your bills to your customers. 

Eliminate Mistakes & Print Quality Issues

Our inserting equipment utilizes barcodes that are printed on each sheet of paper. This ensures that the correct page is inside the correct envelope. We make you look good to your customers. The print quality is always top notch!

No More Trips to The Post Office

No more driving the mail to the post office. No worries if your mail meets all of their requirements. 

Bills Go Out When You Can't Be There

Train a backup employee to generate and upload the bills and you no longer have to be there on billing day. If you are sick, you can stay home without feeling guilty. 

Free up Space

If you don’t have to store envelopes and paper, then you can use that valuable space for more important items.


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